Wanyu Chou

January 15 - February 12, 2005

The impressions of simple things from childhood, such as a walk to the candy store in the afternoon or an unforgettable favorite toy, leaves a scent of joy that lingers in a moment of excitement and happiness in our memory. It is the pleasure of its sweetness and invaluable meaning to a young child that is carried on throughout one’s life.

As a young Chinese girl, Wanyu Chou collected candy wrappers and treasured them, thus creating the foundation for her innovative artwork. In search of playful dreamlike compositions, Chou paints a series of work recalling those memories. Giving consideration to design, shape, size, material, and color Wanyu combines classical technique using acrylic and oils with digital images. Wanyu spends a lot of time sketching and toying with presentation, but often starts the painting process before all the details have been finalized thereby allowing herself time to enjoy the ensuing accidents of the artist.

As a full time artist, Wanyu Chou spends most of her time in her studio. Visiting galleries and other Los Angeles based artists is a priority to Chou. She is always searching for new ways to combine her Chinese culture with the American imagery that has become increasingly influential to her aesthetic. With a goal to create work that has international resonance, this energy brings together two contradictory forces that flow through her work creating conflict and synergy.

Wanyu Chou will be exhibiting her artwork at the Kantor Gallery with opening artist reception on Thursday January 15th from 5:00 – 9:30pm. Exhibit will run through February 12th. For more information please call 323-933-6976.