Robert Levine

"Things Painted" - November 7 - December 23, 1998

Robert Levine: “Things Painted”
Press Release
November 7th, 1998 through December 23rd, 1998

Los Angeles-based artist Robert Levine opens his inaugural exhibit at the Kantor Gallery by focusing on idiosyncratic ‘Pop’ icons that play with the often-indistinct differences between art and things. Concentrating on the common and often banal objects that populate our lives, Levine triumphantly succeeds in making us suddenly see things differently. Through recreating to scale common household item, sporting goods, office supplies, et cetera, he inexorably links the intimacy of the objects which clutter our domesticated live with the legitimacy of an artist’s interpretations. By meticulously crafting these objects in sculpted and painted wood, and beautifully rendered paintings, Levine expands our perception of the objects and thing which are already so recognizable t us all. From afar, Levine’s ‘recreations’ are uncannily convincing, yet upon closer inspection the hand of the artist is evident. This allows the viewer to at once ponder the age-old question of ‘what is art?’ and validate the artist’s ability to transcend the common and quotidian. Ultimately, this work enlarges the reaches of Art’s purvue, allowing the viewer the opportunity to find Art in the most unlikely of places… in their homes, offices and bottom drawers