Nino Mier

Bitter-Sweet - March 19 - April 23, 2005


Nino Mier with his provocative medium and subject matter speaks volumes about the beauty of the written word while whispering manufactured media irony. His paintings allow the audience to interact with his pieces not only by touch but inviting them to cryptanalyze. He will debut his work at the Kantor Gallery on March 19th.

Mier’s show, ‘Bitter-Sweet’ is his first solo exhibition and will feature his series of white latex paintings, a body of work he has been working on for the past two years.

Born and raised in Salzburg, Austria, Mier moved all over for twelve years, ranging from France, Italy, Switzerland, Israel, and Germany. After his move to the United States in 1993, he attended The Cate School before moving east to study at Cornell University in New York. Completing his studies with degrees in business and art, he returned to Los Angeles, and has since been at work on this series.

Mier works with Industrial Liquid Latex and enamel paint, which is very much a reflection of his obsession with the bitter-sweet, a sentiment which manifests itself in pop cultural imagery and references (Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory), as well as his own childhood and memories. The use of latex appeals to him because of the substance’s duality; while harsh, toxic, and perverse, it is also soft, tactile, and sensual. The use of latex is much like his own personal conflicts, which center on the bitter and sweet. Moreover, his use of pre-stretched canvas demonstrates the industrial and raw qualities of the work, while the heavy brushstrokes imbue the work with a unique tactile pleasure. Mier’s focus is on the naïve, the infantile and the pure, juxtaposed with the often-harsh relationship between memory and the present.

Mier’s paintings are to be touched in order to fully understand, or attempt to understand the roots of the work. While the use of color is essential to the pieces, touch is where the riddle truly begins.

Nino Mier will be exhibiting his artwork at the Kantor Gallery with an opening reception on Saturday March 19th from 6:00 to 9:30 pm. Exhibit will run through April 23rd. For more information please call 323-933-6976.