Kenny Scharf


Kenny Scharf’s life long dream to create a cartoon show was brought to life in traditional pencil on paper drawings. The excitement of his first steps in creating a cartoon motivated Kenny Scharf to have his first drawing show. “Drawing is the most direct and unconstrained way to express my ideas”, says Scharf. This freedom, his imagination and good fun were the seeds that gave root to a lush garden in the land of Groovenia.

Hence the name, the Groovenians live in the “groove of life”. The main characters, Jet and Glindy, begin in a bland town called Jeepers and flee to Groovenia in search for ultimate joy. Like us, they soon find out that the realities and responsibilities of everyday life are unavoidable regardless of where you go. But, by the use of bright colors and animation, Kenny Scharf manages to bring eternal joy and happiness into the lives of these unique colorless creatures. Inspired by how people viewed the future in the 50’s & 60’s, Scharf illustrates the fantasized ideas of talking robots and bizarre characters from other planets in his drawings. Scharf collected his vibrant ideas, and with the help of other artists like Dennis Hopper and the B-52’s, Kenny and the Groovenians took their first steps to being superstars on the TV screen.

On exhibit will be twenty-five drawings on paper from Kenny Scharf’s cartoon show “The Groovenians”. Adding a flurry of color to the black and white images will be three new Closet sculptures by Scharf. Limited edition catalogs of his drawings are available for sale through the gallery.