John Scane

New Works on Canvas and Paper - January 10 - March 5, 1998

John Scane: New Works on Canvas and Paper
Press Release
January 10th, 1998 through March 5th, 1998

John Scane is an intensely focused man, fiercely dedicated to his art and to his work. John creates an art that is acutely aware of its audience. Painting that will give pause to the viewer, which will compel you to slow down for a moment to reevaluate, to truly see what you have been looking at. With his painting Scane is not out to incite and overt rebellion, but rather a quiet revolution.

This is the goal of his latest body of work. These disarmingly straightforward portraits of the unrepresented, animals such as burros, rhinos, and cows, show subjects that are often easily ignored. However, from the first glance, Scane’s portraits are immediately engaging. This is painting which compels you to appreciate its more subtle aspects. It is the tension of the composition, the subtlety of technique, the mastery of brushstroke, which are ultimately exceptional. This is the point of John’s work. This is the momentary pause that John works so hard for. Here is a body of work that reveals the passion of John Scane, take a moment to observe.

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