John Scane

John Scane is at it again. After his first solo exhibition at the Kantor Gallery last year (a show which meet with huge critical and artistic success), John Scane has again exceeded our wildest expectations. Wile Scane is an artist that can be described as focused, dedicated, and engaging, his art avoids easy categorization. Figurative? Abstract? It is as if Scane purposefully paints work that traces a careful, if sometimes broken line between the often-disparate schools of abstraction and figurative painting.

With Scane concentrating his talent on figure studies of his now famous burros in this, latest body of work, his figures, completely penetrated his subject. As much, his figures, often approached from multiple perspectives, seem to fade into and emerge out of the exquisite abstractions, which serve as the background for his compositions.

John Scane is acutely aware of the demands made upon our attention in our mass-mediated contemporary culture. He fears that our ability to focus clearly on any of the many images and objects, which constantly clamor for our attention, has been compromised. Thus, these paintings are composed to immediately engage you with their beauty and caprice, while at the same time clearing a quiet space in our minds in which pure and joyous contemplation is possible.