Henry Vincent

Intallation View - September 10 - October 16, 2004

While living in the city of Los Angeles one becomes accustomed to the sunshine and building facades that encompass the city. One can take for granted the warm temperatures and light. A person may even view the structures as ordinary. However, upon looking at this city with new eyes one realizes that the play between the light and the buildings creates an essential element in the make up of Los Angeles. It is this interaction that is the subject of Henry Vincent’s newest body of work.

Henry Vincent has been a staple of the Kantor Gallery for over a decade. His perspectives on life in the modern world have led him to examine a variety of subjects seen in everyday life in the city. A long time Angeleno himself, he witnesses the buildings and light everyday. It was only after his return from an exhibition in Europe that he realized how ingrained in the character of Los Angeles these elements are. For his exhibit Vincent wanted to show all the drama of Los Angeles with a minimalist perspective. Channeling such artists as Ruscha has helped him create large-scale pieces with simplistic lines. By giving the viewer snap shots of buildings their pure forms come out. Vincent combines interference paint in his architectural images giving the viewer the impression of different times of day when observed at different angles. What was once the mundane is transformed into the sublime.

Henry Vincent will be exhibiting his new artwork at the Kantor Gallery with an opening artist reception on Friday September 10th from 6:00 to 9:30 pm. Exhibit will run through October 16th. For more information please call 323-933-6976.