Eric Ernest Johnson

From the Rock to the Rainbow - March 29 - April 12, 2020

Eric Ernest Johnson “FROM THE ROCK TO THE RAINBOW” is a curated exhibition of Johnson’s works over the past 11 years. Eric is best well known for his seemingly simple, but compositionally complex paintings that reference elements of Folk Art, Matisse’s cut-outs and a playful child’s sense of delight in the use of color. 

” My artwork is a direct extension of myself and how I see the world. The colors and subjects, the forms, the size and scope are all tools to get a message or feeling across. I have many visions I like to explore, many mediums, many styles. I am open to where I am going…to where the unknown takes me. I work from my minds eye, allowing the works to become themselves in either a rapid short burst, or after long months of a creative push and pull, a dance of changing ideas and re-worked images until I can go no further. I will sometimes paint 30 paintings over each other to arrive at a finished piece. I love the opportunity to explore, and allow the works to be an open true form of expression, no fear, no going back, only forward into the now.

These paintings are almost all from a birds eye view, they are outdoors, full of natural elements, sun and moon, clouds, trees, weeds, water, motion and stillness…from the rock to the rainbow. They are Odes to how and where we live…Earth. They are tales of the natural world and our relationship with it, all there is to see, and touch, and feel…and perhaps also about what we have forgotten.”

– Eric Ernest Johnson

Eric Ernest Johnson (b. 1968, Los Angeles) is a poet, musician, video director, muralist and artist whose vibrant landscapes and geometric compositions explore mankind’s relation-ship with the earth. The native Angeleno’s work is a commentary on the changing state of our natural resources as well as an homage to his beloved home state of California. 

He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute and has exhibited in the United States, Korea, Scotland and Switzerland. Johnson’s work has also appeared in a number of publications and brand collaborations.