Andy Warhol: ICONS

Andy Warhol "ICONS" - May 24, 2002 through August 18, 2002

The Kantor Gallery is pleased to present: Andy Warhol, “ICONS”
Opening, Friday May 24, from 6 to 9pm and continuing through August 18, 2002.

This exhibition, “ICONS” another collaboration of Warhol’s work, demonstrates his ability to make the ordinary extraordinary. Taking images from the mass media, images of disaster, celebrities and products, was subject mater in which Warhol was most interested. Images in which defined himself as an artist.

Warhol moved to New York in 1949 and studied at the Carnegie Institute of Technology where he began his early artistic pursuits. From his early days as a commercial illustrator, Warhol’s fascination with fashion and stardom is evident from the shoe drawings for I. Miller to personifying such icons as Mic Jagger, Donald Duck and Barbie Warhol’s signature “Pop Art” began to dominate mainstream culture making powerful aesthetic statements through choice of color and composition. He removed the traditional approach of the artist brush and utilized the silkscreen process in his later work. Creating designs that reflected his love for simplicity and beauty.

The exhibition demonstrates Warhol’s draftsmanship and how it evolved over the course of his career. The technique of his drawings from the 50’s and 60’s can be compared with the very different line found in his later drawings of the 80’s. Warhol’s silk-screened “ICONS” which identify with pop culture are that of both, objects of desire and rile models. With this, Warhol’s own fame has far outlasted the fifteen minutes he allotted to everyone else and has established him as one of the most recognizable artists of the 20th century.