Alberto Casais

Someone’s having a pleasant summer somewhere

Kantor Gallery is proud to present ‘Someone’s having a pleasant summer somewhere’, a solo exhibition of new paintings by Alberto Casais. The show will be on view at the gallery from November 7, 2020 through November 27, 2020.

You can say that my painting practice started in the late 70’s/early 80’s. As a kid in Yonkers, my friends, relatives, and I would travel the NYC boroughs by train. We played in what was the wreckage of a devastated city:  The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Lower Manhattan, etc. The landscape was much different then. My cousin used to carry his Polaroid camera with him wherever we went.  He took photos of the garbage and abandoned buildings. We used to laugh at him; none of us could understand why anyone would want photos of trash.  One day, after leaving my art studies behind, I was painting and listening to the band Suicide.  It brought back memories of those broken neighborhoods that were our playground (and my cousin’s photos). I realized that here was a beauty to be found in that war-torn landscape that was New York . I’ve tried ever since to capture that damaged beauty in my paintings.

Alberto Casais, November 2020, Jersey City

Born 1970 in Jersey City, New Jersey, Alberto Casais is a self taught artist.

‘Someone’s having a pleasant summer somewhere’ is on view by appointment only starting November 7, 2020 through November 27, 2020, Monday through Friday from 12pm to 5pm. To book an appointment to view the exhibition please email [email protected].