November 6 - December 18, 1999.

“Bunch of Pussies”

The Kantor Gallery is pleased to present ” A BUNCH OF PUSSIES”, a select group of work that deals specifically with one thing, “CATS”.
The gallery will feature a collaboration of established and emerging artists such as: Ausgang, Calder, Greenblatt, Holland, Krebs, Scane, Valenti, Warhol, Wilson, et cetra…
November 6 through December 18, 1999.
Cats have been a frequent inspiration for artists over the centuries. They have been portrayed artistically by various cultures throughout history.
In some cultures the cat symbolizes laziness, even lust. While others honor the cat and hold them sacred. Some even believe the cat protects us. Whatever the cat symbolizes, this exhibit, ” A bunch of Pussies” will illustrate these concepts through a varied body of work.
Each piece has a meaningful message to deliver through the personal interpretation of the artists.

” As in life, the cat in art, can demand and hold the center of attention.”
–J.H. Delmer

The exhibit begins November 6 and continues through December 18,1999, with an opening reception on Saturday, November 6th, from 6 to 9pm.