Daniel Hesidence / "Waltz Paintings"

Daniel Hesidence
"Waltz Paintings"

October 28 - December 3, 2005

Kantor / Feuer Gallery is pleased to announce a new installation by New York-based artist, Daniel Hesidence. The exhibition opens October 28th and will run through December 3rd, 2005. This is the first group of large-scale paintings produced by Daniel Hesidence since 2004.

"Waltz Paintings" are a group of oil on canvas works that embody moments ranging from the esoteric, sublime, powerful, personal, elegant, stark, removed, destructive, domestic and open. This new group of paintings furthers the core ideas set up in his previous works while also revealing the human condition and either evaporating or exonerating it. Throughout "Waltz Paintings" a dominant presence or force is sensed. Each of these pieces have a certain location within them that can only be categorized as moving ahead in emotion, movement, space and time.

Daniel Hesidence's last group of artwork was the FARM paintings created from 2003-2004. In the past year Hesidence has been carefully forming a bridge between his past and present body of work. The "Waltz Paintings" plays a crucial role in furthering new dialogues while loading and reloading prior body of works.

Previous collections include "The Whole" (1998-2001) in which Hesidence performs an investigation of the grotesque through psychosexual tendencies equally charged with underlying notions of beauty. His 2002 show "Chamber Street Paintings" further the yearnings revealed in "The Whole." Hesidence again reveals to the audience the seemingly contradictory feelings of disgust and rapture while also researching the psyche of the individual.

Before receiving his MFA from Hunter College in 2001, Daniel Hesidence attended the University of Tampa. Past exhibitions include "Farm Paintings" at Feature Inc. in 2004 and the "Greater New York" show at P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center in 2005.